Beauty All Around

Beauty All Around by Arturo Godoy

No matter where you live, it is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life. Often I try to remind myself to look around and see the volcanoes, the mountains, the clouds and all the marvelous scenery in and near Xela. At times, when my business partner Katrien and I need to get out of the city, we play “Chicken Bus Lottery”, which means we take a small amount of money and go to the bus terminal and hop on whatever chicken bus comes first. We let that bus take us to an unknown pueblo and we usually have lunch, look around and take some pictures. We get to have the wonderful experience of “seeing” our surroundings with fresh eyes. This photo, from my friend and photographer Arturo Godoy does just that.

Photo by guest contributor Arturo Godoy. Text by Luna McCarthy.

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