VW Beetle by Jose Moreno

Personally, I like photos that are difficult to tell when or during which decade they have been taken. This shot is a recent picture of a Volkswagen Beetle, apparently owned by one of the Quetzal Trekkers, but could have been taken 10 or even 20 years ago.

Photo by Jose Moreno. Text by Luna McCarthy.

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4 thoughts on “Beetle

  1. Hey there Luna and José!  Be sure to walk around Central Park, Teatro Municipal and 14 Avenida this weekend.  A Guatemala city based clothing store is setting up an exhibition of textiles, fashion and other cultural expressions.  The big thing is the fashion show on Saturday night.  The runway starts at the stage of the Teatro, but goes all the way out to the esplanade in front of it, so that everyone can watch!  Can´t wait for your pictures and comments!

    1. Thanks Cristina!!! It is super-exciting…Katrien and I will be working on 14 Ave, in a Moonkat stall…the festival should be quite promising 🙂 Perhaps we’ll see you!!

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