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This way to savings…? The American corporation Walmart seems to be everywhere in the world, yes, even in Guatemala. I remember hearing the story that there was a Walmart at the far end of the city, in the “mall”, which as it turned out, is actually a mall. Personally, I was shocked to see the same standard blue vests and self scanner pricing machines as I had seen in North America. The prices do not seem as low as they did in Canada, in comparison to the cost of living, but perhaps I am wrong. What do you think of BIG (and foreign) corporate businesses operating in countries such as Guatemala?

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2 Responses to “This Way To…”

  1. Norm Kwallek says:

    I shopped at Walmart  when I was in Guatemala, the prices were high but they had things that were hard to find elsewhere. My understanding was that they were paying good wages for the retail sector in Guatemala. I do not think the market people have anything to fear from the likes of Walmart, Walmart’s overhead is too high to drive the market people broke. The old Guatemala chains that are overpriced and sell poor quality goods may be in for a real fight in the marketplace. 

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree Norm…my experience is that I really only go to Walmart if I cannot find a product somewhere else.  I certainly HOPE the small vendors are not at risk of losing their local clientele…we did see it happen in the USA years and years ago, when the mom and pop shops ended up going out of business…I just hope the same thing doesn’t happen here.

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