Puente Dos Chocoyos

Puente Dos Chocoyos by Jose Moreno

One of the many legends of Xela is about the Dos Chocoyos bridge. Story has it that there were two rival families in the land of Xela (far more than just the city). Of course, the daughter of one King had fallen in love with the son of the King of the rivaling land. Their love had been forbidden and the young couple used to meet under the ancient stone bridge. When their fathers the Kings found out, the lovers were sequestered from each other and died of broken hearts. Legend says that the young couple’s spirits turned into the “Dos Chocoyos”, the two lovebirds that would continue to meet at the ancient stone bridge. Locals still recall versions of this romantic story to anyone near the bridge who will listen.

Photo by guest contributor Jose Moreno. Text by Luna McCarthy.

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