After the Storm

After the Storm by Caras Alegres

It’s extremely unusual that I would post someone else’s photos; however with the storm that hit Xela the last few days, I am not opposed to saying that there are a couple of pictures out there that were taken by other people that capture the effect the storm had, better than my own.

These two are an example of that: The above was taken and posted on the NGO Caras Alegres’ Facebook page, showing the house near Las Rosas where a young girl was killed in a mudslide and the physical damage that remained. The other photo was taken by an acquaintance of mine who lives in Calvario. This photo shows the mud left after the storm passed and the flooding had receded. You can find out how to support the families hit by the storm by searching for the Caras Alegres Facebook Page.

Most of the rains have stopped now, but the damage is still to be dealt with. There is flooding in many areas of the city, from Las Rosas to Mont Blanc, but hopefully this week, the rains will stop and the city can begin the clean up without fear of further storms. Fingers crossed.

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One thought on “After the Storm

  1. The scariest part of so much rain is the damage to the roads, and the risk of goods not making it to their destinations.  I saw several vendors with less than ideal produce in La Demo, and people buying it (me included), simply because that´s what´s available.  Does not look like there´ll be fiambre for several of us this year…

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