Too Much PDA?

PDA by Luna McCarthy

Public Displays of Affection. That is some of what you will see in Parque Central. Of course there are the lovely little old people, sitting on the stone benches, holding hands and talking of their grandchildren. There are also the families that walk leisurely through the park, children and dogs in tow. But then there is also “young love”; the kind of love that means (and sometimes says), “I can’t live without you and having to say goodbye to you means that I will die without you (until we see each other after classes tomorrow)”. The kind of passion that leads a couple to kiss longingly and hold each other tenderly, stroking each other’s hair and nibbling at each other’s necks, even if they happen to be in a very public place.

Latino culture is a very romantic, affectionate and “touching” culture. But how much “PDA” is appropriate and how much should be reserved for private? What do you think??

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4 thoughts on “Too Much PDA?

  1. I think I have to take the safe route here, and say it depends on the culture and the level of affection.  I don’t see a little nibble or a peck on the cheek as being too disgraceful in public, but I have friends who feel that even that is a bit much.  Then again, there are people like the couple in the park near my apartment who really needed to find a hotel room, fast…

    1. Perhaps a bit how I felt sitting near this couple in the park…hence the somewhat embarrassed grin on the girl’s face when she realized that I was photographing them.  Then again…IMHO, public is “public”…

  2. Love is a wonderful thing, people kissing in public always makes me smile. My lady and I have been together for about 40 years and I still give her a smooch when it’s called for-public or not.   

    1. Smooches are always good…I might draw the line when people look as if they want to make babies in Central Park  though 😉

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