Parade for…?

Firefighter Parade by Luna McCarthy

In May and June there were random parades near Calvario for what seemed to be the local firefighters. There is always dancing and sometimes there are small stalls of vendors selling food. I am not sure why there is a Mario and Luigi leading this particular parade…perhaps this is where I ask Cristina for here knowledge on these tiny little street parades…

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2 thoughts on “Parade for…?

  1. These types of parades are called convites.  They usually have cartoon characters and sometimes world renowned characters, like Osama bin Laden.  They parade or dance around to cumbia music.  I´ve heard it´s pretty expensive to hire them, since the costumes are specially handcrafted according to what the convite owner wants.  On Christmas morning you might want to go to Cantel and check out the mega-convite. 

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