Dance Exhibition

Dance Night by Luna McCarthy

These photos were taken by my business partner Katrien Peirs, when she attended a dance exhibition at the Municipal Theatre in July. Once I saw the pictures, I wish I had gone! Xela (and Guatemala in general) is so rich in cultural heritage and the hypnotic, rhythmic dances are just a small part of that.

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2 thoughts on “Dance Exhibition

  1. Last night was the presentation of the National Ballet of Georgia.  Incredible! Awesome! Exciting! Breathtaking! Imagine the women practically floating and moving their hands delicately, while the men had sword fights and threw knives at the floor.  Exotic music and gorgeous costumes.  My arms hurt from clapping so much.  I´m sure you would´ve enjoyed it!

    1. I heard about it!!! I SO wish I had known earlier, I only knew of it the NIGHT of the show.  Wow, I am officially jealous 🙂

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