Street Justice

Street Justice by Luna McCarthy

This scene took place on my street last week. I was in the house and I heard stomping feet outside as though a herd of people were running through the street, which apparently they were. The common account is: A man had walked down our street and robbed a woman’s cell phone right out of her hand. As soon as he took it, he started to run and she started yelling at him. All the men on the street who happened to be outside at the time, ran after him, at which point I came out of my house. The group of men caught the thief and took him down, demanding he give the cell phone back. Once they got him onto the sidewalk, they made him pull everything out of his pockets and put it on the ground.

The loot he had included 4 cell phones and a huge wad of cash. Someone called the police and the entire group, including onlookers, waited until the police truck drove up. As it should be, all the money and the telephones were handed over to the police upon arrival. Not that street justice is always correct, but in this case, I feel proud of our neighborhood fellas and also, just a little bit safer.

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3 thoughts on “Street Justice

  1. Great story, Luna.¬† I could fill a blog with many similar stories about why I actually feel safer among los chapines than I feel in my hometown.¬† Bien hecho, vecinos!¬† And my hat’s off to you all…I would have been tempted to extract a “penalty” from the large wad of cash, as a “holding you for la policia” fee.¬† ;D

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