Hard At Work

Hard At Work 1 by Luna McCarthy

Many of the Spanish schools in Xela take day trips to local villages and if you are one of the fortunate students, you will go to nearby Salcaja to see local weavers produce the beautiful textiles that you see many of the indigenous women wearing. I believe this particular man mentioned that he had been weaving all his life, almost 35 years, for 10-12 hours a day. And you thought your work day was rough!

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2 thoughts on “Hard At Work

  1. amazing pictures!  So did you try the caldo de frutas?  oh, oh, and did you get a chance to go to the horse parade this past Sunday in Salcajá?  It must´ve been wonderful!

    1.  Ahhhhh….I missed the horse parade…wish I had seen it!! I have been so busy working to get my business open in 2 weeks, I have NO life!! 🙂 And I love the caldo de frutas 🙂 A little strong, but very yummy and efficient!

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