All Alone

All Alone by Luna McCarthy

Just outside of Zunil, on the road to Fuentes Georginas, you see so much beautiful countryside; plots of land dotted with various crops, the slopes of the massive hills, the fog rolling over the mountains, it is all so overwhelmingly stunning. On one of my last trips to that area, I was struck by the lush density of the trees, the foliage and all the varying shades of green. As we drove along, my mind was in a daze as I soaked in all the beauty, but was soon pleasantly jolted awake when I saw this rock. This enormous ROCK. Just “there”. All alone, surrounded by crops and other rocks, but the solitude of the rock struck me as unbelievably beautiful.

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2 thoughts on “All Alone

  1. The scary part is that it was spit out from one of your local smokers. We call them bombs. Volcanoes spit out lava and it hardens in the air, it comes down as much as 20-30 miles away on a good passage cleaning. You see a lot of them in the cane fields driving down to the beach.

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