The Hip Place to Be!

Tilde1 by Luna McCarthy

Xela has a few new businesses opening up around town lately, one of which is Tilde, Urban Boutique. This place is filled to the brim with coolness…from everything from the funky, hip (and often handmade) clothing to the art on the walls, to the delicioso wraps and beverages (yum), not to mention super stylish accessories for both guys and girls. The owner Dorit L’Beat, has utilized not only her own terrific sense of global style but working with many, many different artisans, has combined all that is hip and cool and groovy, in Xela and around the world, in one store! Located right behind the Muni building in the historic centre, it’s easy to find and SO worth a look, listen and taste! Find out more about Tilde at their Facebook page: Tilde Boutique Urbana

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3 Responses to “The Hip Place to Be!”

  1. Rudy says:

    You know I am a great believer of serendipity. I was just looking at the new photos in the portfolio of photographer Morena Perez on Facebook and then I come here I see the same store being profiled; coincidence? I think not!

    • Luna McCarthy says:

       I *also* am a believer in serendipity…and of making your own luck! Dorit is an amazing woman and doing just that, creating serendipity!!

  2. Sgkajander says:


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