Waste Management

Basura by Luna McCarthy

One of the things that is noticeable in Xela, is the garbage tucked away in places where it doesn’t belong. You will find garbage in window sills or in door frames. The Xela sanitation service does a good job of cleaning the city and on any given day, you will see the workers sweeping the streets or working hard to be sure the parks are clean and tidy. But one wonders if there needs to be more education about proper garbage disposal. Although you will daily see vendors and property owners sweeping and cleaning in front of their houses, you will just as often see people of all ages throwing trash onto the streets or out of bus or car windows.

A friend reminded me that the USA was in a similar position back in the 50’s, then there was a huge push to “keep our country clean”…(I think it was also around the same time that Smoky the Bear started urging us to be careful about forest fires). Perhaps Guatemala needs to realize the same goals of keeping such a beautiful country clean, but how can we make that happen?

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