Set in Stone

Set in Stone by Luna McCarthy

One of the many pleasures about living in Xela, is the random places that one finds as they walks the city’s neighborhoods. This stone, tile and cement shop is around the corner from one of my workplaces and I have often thought of how fascinating and beautiful these creations are. In your city, where you live, how often do you take the time to really look around?

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2 thoughts on “Set in Stone

  1. See the sign over the door?  This is one of the Italian families that came to Xela at the beginning of the 20th century.  Many statues and buildings owe their beauty to these artists.  That includes the statues at the Cementerio General. 

    1. Cristina, you always know the most WONDERFUL details about this city!!  How I appreciate your comments and knowledge!!  When are we going to go for a coffee and you can tell me some of these stories in person?? 🙂

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