Xelapan’s 30th Anniversary

Calvario Xelapan by Luna McCarthy

Saturday, July 23rd was Xelapan’s 30th anniversary. There was a parade replete with dancing, “flag-throwing” girls, a marching band and clowns. A 30 metre cake had been baked and laid out in front of the Municipal Building, with many of the bakers standing behind their work of art. The cake was decorated like a train and covered with photos of all of the Xelapan locations in Xela; the above picture is of the Calvario location. Tons of people turned out to see the parade and to celebrate by taking pictures and eating cake. Happy Birthday Xelapan!!

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3 thoughts on “Xelapan’s 30th Anniversary

  1. Great pictures!  According to the local newspaper, about 10,000 people turned up for your birthday!  😉   And Xelapan´s! 
    They had a marimba playing on the stage and one of the magicians from IRTRA gave quite a show while the cake was being handed out.  It was fun watching people dancing to the marching bands tunes! 

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