Stairway to Heaven…?

Stairs by Luna McCarthy

Xela is a city full of ups and downs. Up onto the sidewalk and down onto the street, up onto a curb or down the stairs at Parque Central. One of the things I hear tourists mention is that Xela seems to resemble more of a European town in some of it’s architectural designs, including the stairways that surround landmarks, churches and monuments. Can anyone guess where these stairs are located?

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6 thoughts on “Stairway to Heaven…?

  1. Pues el Teatro Municipal, por supuesto! 
    Y por las tardes ahi se pone un señor a vender platanitos fritos con crema!

    1. Cristina, eres una Rockstar!!! 🙂 Por supuesto, por el Teatro 🙂 And when shall we meet?? Hugo is right, you always have such GREAT tips about Xela!! 🙂

  2. I really like this photograph, sort of the kind of photography I like to do. I must plan a trip to Xela to go see for myself all those wonderful places you share with us and to check out all those tips Cristina is giving us.

    1. Thanks so much Rudy, personally, I love abstract photography…if all I ever did was shoot oranges, stairs and fabric, I’d be thrilled 🙂 And yes, you need to come to Xela soon! 😉

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