The “Other” Teatro

The "Other" Teatro by Luna McCarthy

I mentioned in a previous post that there are so many interesting tombs in the Calvario Cemetery, including a replica of the Municipal Theatre. Places like this intrigue me, as the story behind the structure is largely unknown. I prefer to think that this may be a shrine to a beloved wife or lover, one whose beauty was unmatched at the time of her death; perhaps like a smaller, Guatemalan version of the Taj Mahal. Or perhaps this tomb houses the founder of the Teatro…does anyone know the ‘true’ story behind this lovely replica?

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3 thoughts on “The “Other” Teatro

  1. The real story is a lot less romantic.  This tomb belongs to Manuel Estrada Cabrera and is a replica of the Templo a Minerva that´s close to the zoo.  Estrada Cabrera was born in Xela and was a dictator during 22 years.  In fact, Asturias´  “El Señor Presidente” was written based on him and his dictatorship.  While he was in power, there were supposed cultural festivals held at the several replicas of the Templo a Minerva that were built in several parts of Guatemala.   Most of the time, these festivals were full of odes to the dictator. 
    My father used to tell us that when Estrada Cabrera was imprisoned, after falling from power, he complained about how terrible the food was.  The guard answered that the situation for prisoners while he was president was much worse, to which the ex-president said: “Pero eso era en tiempos de Estrada Cabrera.”.  (That was in the time of Estrada Cabrera.) 

    1. I thought I had commented on this a loooong time ago Cristina….FABULOUS story, really…thanks SO much for sharing what you know with our readers!!

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