Trece Avenida

Trece Avenida by Luna McCarthy

This building sits on the corner of 13 Avenida and 5 Calle. I have seen a number of businesses that have been located in the main floor over the last few years. If you have been to Xela or live here, do you know what this building originally was? The architecture is fascinating and it almost has a “cinema” feel to it. I do know that Gutierrez is a major local family name, but beyond that, I do not know any of the history of the building. If you know anything about it, please leave a comment and enlighten me!

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One thought on “Trece Avenida

  1. Indeed, it´s part of the same family.   The building was part of the Art Deco movement that swept over Xela at the beginning of the XX century.  See the building that houses “El Zeppelin”, in front of parque Benito Juarez. 
    I think it was always a hardware store.  It was also the only place where you could buy saffron, by the “ochavo”. 

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