Every Little Detail

Every Little Detail by Luna McCarthy

I’m sure by now, everyone can tell I love architecture design and architectural photography! I love the small details that one can see when they slow down their busy day and look, as in this photo, one of the side buildings of the Hotel Bonifaz. The sun’s rays shining through the air, the scallops and mouldings of the building and the perfectly aligned flower planters all add to this visual buffet.

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2 thoughts on “Every Little Detail

  1. Isn´t it a shame most of us walk looking down?  At the top of the hill at 12 Avenida there are some houses that have beautiful second floors, that are falling apart.   Maybe you can share some pictures with us before they crumble.

    1. Ahh, Cristina, you are so right, we DO tend to look down all the time.  I remember years ago a study was done and it was something like 80% of people could not describe the ceiling in a place that they frequented regularly.  But it is a shame…there is so much to see when you look up!!

      I will see if I can pop up to the top of 12 Ave in the next few weeks and see what I can capture! Great suggestion, thanks!!

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