Sarah’s Sprouts

Lentil Sprouts by Luna McCarthy

One of the challenging things about being an ex-pat living in Guatemala is the adjustment to the local food; or more precisely the absence of certain foods. Those of us who choose to live here generally love the food, perhaps having eaten variations of it in our own countries. But sometimes there are things that we miss. Personally, I miss West Coast Canadian sushi, for other people it is other things.

Sometimes ex-pats get creative looking for substitutes for the foods they were used to in their countries of origin…these are lentils sprouts, being “sprouted” by an ex-pat who has lived in Xela for about 4 years. In many countries bean sprouts are a fabulous alternative to lettuce, and although they can be purchased in Guatemala, they are not common. After a little research, this ex-pat is trying ‘sprouting’ with different kinds of beans. These sprouts tasted a bit like snow peas, sweet and crunchy!

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2 thoughts on “Sarah’s Sprouts

  1. Luna, we can find alfalfa and soy sprouts quite easily in La Antigua Guatemala and Guatemala City in many supermarkets. Soy sprouts are even found in the local markets since are used often in the Guatemalan-Chinese dishes like chau mein. Heck, even tofu is widely available nowadays. 😉

    Are you sure you guys can not find it at your local Hiper Paiz or Paiz supermarket?

  2. Rudy, sprouts are much more difficult to find in Xela…you can buy both alfalfa sprouts and bean sprouts on occassion in Hiper, but it is hit and miss and often pricier than sprouting your own 😉

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