Stop in the Name of…Wendy’s?

Stop!! by Luna McCarthy

Sometimes people who haven’t been to Xela think that it is a wonderful quaint town with markets and cobblestone streets and goats milk (straight-from-the-goat). Of course it is, but that isn’t all there is. We have our share of fast food restaurants and conveniences, just like other world cities of the same size. If you need a Frosty or a bacon-double cheeseburger, you shall not be denied in Xela!

© 2011, Luna McCarthy. All rights reserved.

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6 Responses to “Stop in the Name of…Wendy’s?”

  1. Arturo Godoy says:

    Hmm, ok, what are the best places you know so far for some grrrrrreat coffee? 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • LunaMcCarthy says:

      “&” Cafe, off Parque Central is a good place to get coffee…it is good quality coffee (and the cookies are YUMMY), but the place is a little too much like a Starbucks for me 🙂 Bavaria also has good coffee…that’s where Hugo and I went when he was here last.  In about 2-3 months, the BEST place to get coffee will be Moonkat Dessert Lounge (my new place!!) 🙂

      • Eric says:

        I keep looking for “&” Cafe t-shirts, so I can wear one to my neighborhood Starbucks and say,”THESE people know what good coffee tastes like,” but so far, I’ve been unsuccessful.  They are a bit corporate…I’ll always prefer a small cafe with three seats, myself…but I agree, w/a cookie or two, soooo good !

  2. Jose Melgar says:

    2 ideas come to my mind: first, how good it feels to find a good place to eat when all the road has been bumps and now-to-the-left’s .. but in the other hand, isn’t it the change of environment what makes people want to go to cities like Xela? Antigua, Chichi and Xela are places well appreciated for their relaxed style and their sole awayness..

  3. Rudy says:

    I published a list of restaurant chains from the U.S. last week in GuatemalaDailyPhoto. Is this a follow up to that post?

    • LunaMcCarthy says:

      Ahhh..I saw that…But not so much a follow up…more like “great minds think alike”. 🙂

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