Want to Play Chicken?

Chicken Buses by Luna McCarthy

No, you aren’t imagining anything, the title is a bit of a pun! Anyone who has been to and traveled within Guatemala is familiar with “chicken buses” and the sometimes hairy rides that can be had going from town to town. The most common type of travel between pueblos or to and from La Capital, chicken buses always provide the ride of your life, whether due to the amount of people and/or small livestock that rides alongside of you or because of the “efficiency” of the buses. These old school buses are bought in the United States and brought here to be given a makeover and new life here in Guatemala. It’s not uncommon for there to be three people sitting across each child-sized seat, as these buses get quite filled up, depending on your destination. If you’re fortunate, it’s only people sitting in your row and not chickens!

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One thought on “Want to Play Chicken?

  1. It’s been quite a while since I don’t take a “chicken bus”, it’s just because I just haven’t had to… The thing is that I love driving, and it’s actually an experience when on the road there are several chicken buses in competition for the “pasaje” (slang word for the clients’ money)…

    Cheers again! 🙂

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