Goodbye, Xela.


As you are reading this I am getting on a plane heading back the U.S. I thought it would be fitting to say goodbye with an image from Democracia Market the place I loved so much here in Xela. I hope you all keep checking out my work on my blog Keep checking out Luna’s work on here she is doing a great job!

Thank you all for looking at XelaDaily.

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4 thoughts on “Goodbye, Xela.

  1. Good bye Josh, thanks for sharing your wonderful photography with us and we will be waiting for your return. I don’t believe your Guatemala chapter is quite over just yet. ūüėČ

  2. You are already SO missed Josh!!  You have been a good friend and photographic inspiration! Be well and see you VERY soon!

  3. Josh, have a nice return… Life does go on so quick!!! I mean, it seems as if yesterday it was that Pinar left, now you… Keep on sharing your great work!!! And, thank you for having shared yours here!!!

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