Shine the Light

Smiling Girls by Luna McCarthy

Sometimes boggling to the mind given the standard living conditions, Guatemalans are a very happy people. If you have Guatemalan friends, even those you know are having a difficult time, and you ask them how they are, they will almost always reply, “Bien, bien!!” Not just one ‘bien’, but two!! They genuinely seem to be more concerned with how you are doing. For example, these 3 little girls come from extremely poor, volatile and at-risk families and the joy and love and purity still shines from their faces.

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5 thoughts on “Shine the Light

  1. Someone once said that regardless the situation and conditions, Guatemalans always have light in their eyes… Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and yes, there is a tendency to repeat things like “bien, bien” 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2.  @LunaMcCarthy:disqus thanks for sharing this wonderful image of hope. In Guatemala, humor is also a defense mechanism against futility. 😉 

  3. That ‘concern’ is part of what makes me plan my next trip to Guatemala while I’m still in the airport, waiting to go home.  I think sometimes that they find it hard to believe that I’ve traveled all that way, just to see them.  But who wouldn’t go through all the effort to be surrounded by friends who are, as you point out, always more concerned with how I’m doing than themselves?

  4. Yes, this is one of my personal favorites…whenever anyone asks me WHY I live in Guatemala, my first response is because of the people…no doubt in my mind.

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