Carlito’s Way

Carlito’s Way by Luna McCarthy

Carlito’s Way by Luna McCarthyNew business Artesano, located in the old Infinito lounge building, is cooking up something wonderful. Owner Carlos bakes fresh baguettes, breads and muffins everyday. His varieties of pan include basil, oregano and garlic. Also available are chocolate and banana or carrot muffins. He also carries hearty soups and sandwiches for when the hunger hits. Word on the street is that anyone who has tried his baked goods loses all desire to buy their pan anywhere else!

© 2011, Luna McCarthy. All rights reserved.

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3 Responses to “Carlito’s Way”

  1. Manolo says:

    MMMM this bread looks delicious… I have never really been able to call “cubiletes” “muffins”, but I guess they are very similar. And then there are “cupcakes” that are also sold at Guate grocery stores as “cubiletes”… the taste, however, is not lost in translation.
    BTW great work Luna and colleagues!!!!

  2. Thanks Manolo! You’re right, the taste is not lost in translation!

  3. Chirstopher says:

    i strongly recommend checking out Artesano.  For a period of a month or so my diet consisted primarily of Carlos’ bread and I can honestly say my constitution has never been stronger.  muffins de banano con chocolate do a body good!

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