May I Have a Glass of Water, Please?

Water bottles by Luna McCarthy

Most travelers that visit Xela are uncomfortable drinking the tap water. Although the water is Xela is treated, many people feel unsure about the safety of drinking straight from the faucet. The best solution to this uncertainty is to buy bottled water, whether in small, traveler-sized bottles or the large 5 gallon (18.9 litres) garrafones. To watch the water trucks drive by is an interesting sight, as the trucks will sway under the weight of the full bottles.

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2 thoughts on “May I Have a Glass of Water, Please?

  1. I am making a quilt from all the different designs of water bags I find on the street. So far I have about 30 different designs. When it is done I’ll send you a link. Love your site. Xela makes my camera happy.

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