You Give Me Butterflies

You Give Me Butterflies by Luna McCarthy

One interesting thing in this culture that is so different than current “Western” culture, is that we have specialized stores like there used to be in the U.S. or Canada 25-50 years ago. If you want meat, you go to the carneceria or the market. Different breads can really only be purchased in bakeries. If you need to buy a machete, you MUST go to the ferreteria (hardware store). Things like eggs you can purchase in many different places, but if you want a piñata, you go to the special piñata store. It’s refreshing to see small, local businesses being supported, like the one above, which sells fabric, bedding and towels, mostly in children’s prints. There is however, a big-box store, on the other side of town. Let’s just hope that “progress” doesn’t happen TOO rapidly…

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