Form Over Function

Form Over Function by Luna McCarthy

Beauty runs from head to toe in Xela, with many indigenous women wearing the latest fashion in heels. Strappy or shiny, flashy or skin toned, one thing the women all have in common is that their shoes are usually the highlight of their daily wardrobe. Heel height can vary with age, but generally, the “more-feminine and the higher the heel”, the better! And the skill it takes to walk in the ancient, uneven cobblestone street in these stylish shoes is unsurpassed!

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4 thoughts on “Form Over Function

  1. One thing I never understood was how these ladies can tolerate their feet being cold!

    Xela can get quite chilly if the sun is not out. And without socks to keep their feet warm, I don’t know how they stay comfortable!

    1. Begonia, walking on cobblestone streets in high heels warms your feet up pretty good!
      I´ve discovered that if you wear sandals as soon as you get out of bed, your feet don´t feel as cold as if you wear your fuzzy “pantuflas” and then you change into sandals.

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