Bridge Over Troubled…?

Bridge Over Troubled... by Luna McCarthy

Visitors to Xela will see two such bridges including the one above, in Zone 1. Many a puzzled look usually crosses the travelers’ faces when they try to think of what purpose the bridges serve. When one asks the locals why the bridges are there, the usual explanation is that the bridges provide a walkway over the flooded street during the rainy season. With rainy season providing often torrential rains, it’s a wonder we don’t see these bridges all over the city.

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2 thoughts on “Bridge Over Troubled…?

  1. I agree! There used to be a man alled El Ejote who would charge you 5 cents to cross you over the flooded street on his wooden carreta, which he used for hauling baskets at the market. He passed away about 15 years ago, but he was one of the classic people you saw downtown.

  2. @Luna, 500-year later we still have some areas in La Antigua Guatemala that become flooded during the rainy season. I will tell the mayor of Antigua to build bridges like they do in Xela. 😉

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