Mercado de San Francisco el Alto

Mercado de San Francisco el Alto by Luna McCarthy

17 kilometres (11 miles) from Xela is the town of San Francisco el Alto. A short 30 minutes (or so) by “chicken bus” and you will find yourself at one of the largest markets in Guatemala and one that has everything from intricately woven textiles to livestock. While you’re in Xela, the San Fransisco market is the perfect place to visit for a day trip, to buy gifts for the people back home, such as hand made candles or colorful table linens. Then again, if you need to pick up a cow, sheep or goat, you’re also in the right place!!

Luna McCarthy PortraitAbout New Editor:
Luna McCarthy is a published photographer/author currently based in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. After working in the corporate world for many years and living in various parts of the world, she knew that when she came to Xela, it felt like “home”. Her photographic style is to “catch the moments” of everyday, the moments that you want to carry with you for a long time. You can see more photos and read Luna’s blog about living in Xela at:

© 2011 – 2012, Luna McCarthy. All rights reserved.

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11 Responses to “Mercado de San Francisco el Alto”

  1. Cristina says:

    Loved your pictures!
    Looks like a slow day at San Francisco El Alto! Most of the time you have to squeeze through people, stalls, chuchos, etc!
    For those of us “cookingly challenged”, there´s veggies cut up into all kinds of shapes and sizes!

  2. norm says:

    The pig picture is classic.

  3. GuatemalaDP says:

    @Luna Bienvenida a los Daily Photo de Guatemala! 🙂

  4. Eric says:

    Nice foto collection, Luna. It reminds me that I’m long overdue for a trip to the land of blinding colors, baskets full of chickens and beautiful ladies selling tortillas. As you suggest, the backpack is always full of colorful things to bring to everyone back home. Now if I could only convince the airlines to let me bring a basket of chickens as “carry-on” luggage…

    • Cristina says:

      Sorry Eric! It seems they’re even limiting the number of boxes of Pollo Campero you can take into the US.
      I did hear of someone having his live crabs (of the seafood kind) running around the overhead bin when they escaped their “cheche” ties!

    • Thanks Eric! Depending where you are in the world, maybe you could “chicken bus” it home?? Hehehehhe 🙂

  5. Rudy says:

    @Luna, welcome to XelaDailyPhoto, I am looking forward to seeing more of your work. So far these photos of Mercado de San Francisco el Alto are awesome.

  6. Thanks everyone for the generous welcome! I look forward to bringing you many more photos and stories!

  7. Arturo Godoy says:

    Hi Luna,

    Unfortunately it’s been a while since my last visit to XDP, thank you very much for joining this quest :)… I’m pretty sure Rudy has given you some great tips, and most importantly is to actually enjoy what you do… I’ve read some of your contributions and they are all awesome!!! Your photography is also equally awesome!!!


  8. Arturo Godoy says:

    🙂 You’re welcome 🙂 We all know you will, XDP is amazing, and also because Xela just gives it self away in so many ways!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Cheers!!!

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