Why throw oil at a school?

I came across this scene today and it boggles the mind. Why would someone throw oil all over the front of a school? Some people in the neighborhood said it was because the Colegio had not paid their extortion fees. Some people were saying one of the local Universities was probably involved. All of it very confusing.

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6 thoughts on “Why?

  1. The encapuchados from CUNOC (local public university) said they weren’t going to paint businesses that didn’t give them money. Indeed, they are extortion fees. Supposedly, the money goes to pay for a so called “parade” which is nothing more than a bunch of drunk “students” (most of them only sign up until this activity is over, then drop out, year after year) yelling obscenities. A far cry from the political critique the Desfile Bufo started out as. Where does the money end up? Beer kegs, lots of rum, ether, that all gets mixed up. Most of it lines the pockets of the organizers, who are able to buy cars and houses with it. Sad, huh?

  2. wow! yes this is sad! very very sad! Cristina thank you for the info. the school is still covered in oil not sure how they are going to get it off. its just a bad situation all around!

  3. This is so sad and ironic. Has always bothered me how much the encapuchados are defending themselves behind a university for such actions.

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