Santa Anita

Coffee Finca

About an hour from Xela, Santa Anita Coffee Finca was started by a group of ex guerillas. It is a fair trade coffee plantation that also houses a hostel/guest house where volunteers stay. The community is wonderful the people are very friendly. I suggest if you have some time you take a trip to this very interesting place.

From the Fincas website here is how you get there: “Directions:
From Xela: Go to the bus terminal Minerva in Xela and find the Transportes XelaJu, a red, white, and blue bus. Take the bus to Colomba, about 1½ hours and costing 10 Quetzales. You will be let off in the center of Colomba and you need to walk to the other side of the market until you see a building with “Municipalidad” written in large letters. In front of the Municipalidad there are pick-up trucks and buses. Ask which one is going to Santa Anita la Unión and they will drop off at our entrance. It is about a 20 minute ride from Columba, costing 5 Quetzales. ”

For more info on Santa Anita visit this website. Santa Anita.

Coffee Finca

Coffee Finca

Coffee Finca

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5 thoughts on “Santa Anita

  1. If there’s coffee involved, I’m there. Thanks, Josh. Putting Santa Anita on my list (even if I have to live to be 130 to do everything on that list).

  2. I remember taking a pickup truck to Santa Anita with about 10 gringos, all about 6 feet tall and us, their 5 ft tall Spanish teachers. We were so crammed, we couldn’t fall out if we wanted to! This was waaaaay back, when they had just taken control of the farm and lunch was boiled potatoes and overboiled pasta. Quite an experience!

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