Scared of her own Shadow


This poor pup was literally scared of everything. Just me stepping close to her and she jumped. The Chucos are all pretty calm here in Xela. I was in San Lucas Last week and I have to tell you those dogs much jumpier, I even had two chase me down a street trying to bite me. Maybe its the lake water?

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3 thoughts on “Scared of her own Shadow

  1. Or perhaps they did`t like your camera!:)
    Well that was a joke.
    I do feel sorry for those who live a miserable life.
    I love dogs, and have only got really scared a couple of times of angry dogs, who looked like they were ready to bite everyone who passed in front of them.

  2. You do have to beware of street dogs. I heard that 2 children died of rabies in Huehuetenango.
    This chuchita looks very sweet, though!

  3. Hmmm, there was that angry Doberman in La Antigua, and the sweet-looking-but-suddenly-viscious mutt in the Santiago Atitlan market, but then there was the really nice German Shepherd out by the cornfields…maybe the “city” dogs are trained to be nastier?
    Interesting shot. Pobre chuchita…

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