Oink! says the pig.

As I was walking around Central Park tonight I walked past “Tacos Mary” and saw this guy sitting there. Pig heads I find comforting in a weird way. I remember being a kid and going to the meat market with my parents and seeing these guys on top of the refrigerators. I am currently sick, but the food smelled great and lots of people seemed to be enjoying the food there.

I want to thank Pinar for taking over posting duties this past week. I have been working on a photo essay at Lake Atitlan for the past three months and this week was my last week of shooting. So a big old “THANK YOU!” goes out to Pinar for sharing more of her images from Xela.

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2 thoughts on “Oink!

  1. @Josh, okay I am putting this taquería on my to-do list. BTW, you should start a series of posts with Things to do in Xela when you’re there. 😉

    I mean, if I only visiting for a few days, what things should I not miss doing? Each day you could show us what to do, what to visit, where to eat, etc., sort of Josh’s guide to Xela. I remember Pinar mention the buñuelos stand on Parque Central. Think about it… please.

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