Shiny shoes

Shiny shoes

The whole time I lived in Guatemala, I was kind of obsessed with the shiny shoes that indigenous ladies use. It is such a different and remarkable sense of style and fashion. They stick with their traditional trajes and somehow most of them make the clothing even more appealing with these kind of shiny, brightly colored high heels. Personally I probably can’t wear these shoes, however I have to admit that some ladies look gorgeous with them.

By the way this was shot at La Demo market.

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2 thoughts on “Shiny shoes

  1. You know, mi ahijada, a.k.a.”the sweetest little girl in the whole wide world”, wanted a pair of these during my last visit, when we were walking through the market (of course, she received a pair – I’m such a pushover!). No “high” heels for her, but still, she loved the shiny shoes. What else would you wear with traje in near-blinding colors, right? 😀

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