8 thoughts on “A Portrait

  1. I was just talking about this theme with a friend today, Josh. I am no way a photographer in the same league as you, Pinar, or that crazy man in the escarabajo snapping fotos around La Antigua, but I remember the names of the waitstaff in all of my favorite restaurants, the names of the drivers of the tuk-tuks and camionetas, and the beautiful ladies making tortillas. when I’m in Guate. and see someone I took the time to know, it sure feels like ‘coming home’.
    I second Pinar, Steffe and Rudy — what’s this guy’s story ?

  2. This gentleman I met just outside Xela’s cemetery. I have seen him many times since but he shys away from giving me his name. When I shot this he just tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to take his picture. I showed him the photo we chatted a bit about the weather and how pretty the flowers in the market were, after which he wandered off. He is a very quiet man at least that is my impression.

    1. Interesting. Sometimes I meet people like this; they want to see their image on my camera’s screen, and that’s it. The cool thing is, whomever this gentleman is, he’s famous now…in a quiet kind of way, of course.

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