Chocolate anyone?

After I changed buses at Cuatro Caminos on my way to Xela I found myself in a bus with a Chocolate dealer. Anytime you are on a Bus here in Guate. Remember if you travel a lot in Guatemala you will live or die off the food you eat from these venders. I really fell in love with the ceiling of this bus great sticker montage.

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9 thoughts on “Chocolate anyone?

  1. I haven’t been to Xelaju yet (It’s on my list! Really!), but I usually get a half-dozen tortillas before hopping on a bus/camioneta/minivan. I haven’t encountered a chocolate vendor yet, but if I did…man, I love the stuff. I’d have to buy one of each item, just to compare. Any ‘We grind the cacao beans right here and make chocolate’ places out in Xela?
    Nice ‘capturing the moment’ shot, Josh, and great perspective.

    1. Eric, the best known places in Xela for making their own chocolate are Cafe La Luna (also sold at the owner’s aunt’s store, donde Las Chavez, a quaint little store in front of what used to be the Juzgados) and Dona Pancha. There must be at least 25 other small chocolate makers. They all roast and grind their own cocoa beans, take them to the nixtamal mill and make their own chocolate. Oh, and La Vienesa has some great chocolate, too! But their headquarters is in Totonicapan.

      1. @Cristina y @Josh – muchas gracias por los consejos. Maybe this next trip, I’ll finally head out to Xela and have a look around. I’ll be the guy with the backpack full of chocolate (You have to try them all). 😀

  2. Yeah, I was gonna say: what chocolate vendor? The ceiling looks straight out of a kid’s room! I bet the guy who put those stickers up ended up with neck pain.

    1. I was shocked to find a chocolate vender as well. Sadly I only had 3 q for the bus ride. Those stickers are pretty crazy, I just kept staring at them all the way into town.

  3. Ha, you could do a whole series of posts about people who sell things on the camionetas. How about the snake-oil salesmsen who sell mysterious little tablets that cure every ailment?

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