Fighting for Healthcare.

Carlos Cabrera the director of the National Health Workers Union in Guatemala speaks to a group of supporters outside the Governors office in Quetzaltenago,while two women watch from one of the balconies of the Governors office. The Union is protesting the cuts in Medical funding by the government, for hospitals, doctors and medical supplies. During Cabrera’s speech other union workers past around petitions and a letter that was addressed to the Government. The Union continued their protests outside the San Juan De Dios Hospital in Guatemala City on Thursday Morning.

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2 thoughts on “Fighting for Healthcare.

  1. There’s no medicine in hospitals, so even in healthcare is free, you still need to buy your own meds, and sometimes you also have to pay for your lab analyses. It’s quite similar to the situation with education. There are more kids enrolled, but now, instead of puttin 40 kids in a class room, they stick 60 in there, with just 1 teacher and not enough desks to go around. It’s BYOB: bring your own block (cinder block) to sit on.

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