The Morning Commute

Like anywhere on the planet, early mornings here in Xela are started off with a morning commute to work, school or market among other places. Some rushed to school jumping off and on microbuses other pushed their work places to selling spots in Xela, yet others bought tickets at the Alamo Bus Station for Guatemala City.

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5 thoughts on “The Morning Commute

  1. Hi Josh! Excellent post… do ppl really commute daily to Guate city from Xela… uff that most be tiring. Even if it is a weekly it is a long winding road… or a magic mystery tour.
    Nice pics of la vida diaria.

  2. An early riser, after Pinar´s own heart! I love that striking blue cart with the pale background. Someone asked Pinar about color being more muted in Xela. Maybe they are, because of the fog or sometimes there´s volcanic ash in the air, from Santiaguito.
    I always feel sorry for schoolgirls here. It´s so cold in January and February and they have to wear skirts and only get to wear a sweater! Lots of them come from the coast, too!

      1. Students actually come from all over the region, mostly Reu, Mazate, Coatepeque, Huehue, San Marcos, Toto. I´ve heard that the population doubles during the day, because of the amount of people that come to town to study, work or engage in commercial activities.

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