The Walk

Parque Central here in Xela is a magnet for couples of all ages to stroll around and chat. Most guide books talk about the park at night and how its a great place for an after dinner stroll, but really anytime of the day this park can be a nice break from whatever you are doing.

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  • Lovely to see that couple walking together in the park!

  • Lara

    very nice photos Josh! I’m here in Xela too and enjoying your and Pinar’s work. What kind of camera are you using?

    • Thanks for looking at Xela Daily, I’m shooting with a few different cameras I’m using a D300s, G12 and my iPhone.

  • @Josh, great capture, I really like the way they’re holding hands.

  • cam

    I was there about a year ago. I would not recommend walking around there at night. Maybe things have changed?

    • I find that as long as you keep your wits about you and you dont look like a tourist, night strolls in the park are very nice.