I would like to say goodbye to Xela and XelaDailyPhoto with a picture of the street where my life in Xela started and ended.

Due to a job offer that I received from a local newspaper in Costa Rica, I am leaving Guatemala, without completing many plans that I had in mind. Hopefully, sooner or later I will be back and complete a ll the photography projects that I wanted to do in Guatemala.

About five months ago, when I arrived Xela, I spent my first few days at The Black Cat Hostel and then started working there. I kept working even on my last night in Guatemala and took a shuttle from there to come to Mexico. So this street is literally where I started and ended a story. Now it is time to move on for me.

XelaDailyPhoto will be taken over by Josh Bachman, one of our contributors, who will be living in Xela until May.

I wish you all the best!

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11 thoughts on “Farewell

  1. Wow! Great news… but as PP said.. sad for us. Hope to see you as a commenter on both XDP and LAGDP… welcome to the land of recovering bloggers?
    Pura vida!!

  2. @Pinar, we are already missing you. I agree with Manolo, you must continue commenting in XelaDP and AntiguaDP and even do guest contributions from time to time.

    Good luck on your new endeavors!

    I am also certain Josh will keep the web site going with quotidian imagery from beautiful and intriguing Xela.

  3. Pinar, how sad that you´re leaving, especially since we couldn´t appreciate your talent. I´m sure you´ll go on to bigger and better things and you are always welcome in Xela, and, of course, in my house.

  4. Pinar, I have never had the pleasure of you company, and I’ll still miss you in Xela. I hope to get back there soon. As you know by now, your hostel is where I stayed each year for more than ten years. I can visualize you living and working there. Good luck with you photo life and please stay in touch.


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