Siglo Viejo

Siglo Viejo

“En el Siglo Viejo, no hay teléfono, no hay television, no hay internet, solo se escucha el tic tac de los relojes”.

“In Old Century, there is no telephone, there is no television, there is no internet, only tic tac from the clocks can be heard”.

This note will welcome you at the house of Alfredo Erasmo, 72, of Quiche. Mr. Erasmo, who has lived all his life here in Xela, has the last telegraph office in the city. After working as radiotelegraphist for 20 years, he worked on ships for 10 years.

Currently, he is the owner of a house, full of antique objects, that he has been collecting since he was a child. He said that he has never bought any of these objects. They are all presents from family and friends or from donations. He also commented that he has been collecting them for family heritage and tradition. That’s why the house is named as Siglo Viejo- Old Century.

Personally, to visit Mr. Erasmo’s house was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. It feels like going through a time tunnel. It’s a place, full of recent history.

Thanks to Mr. Erasmo for sharing this amazing treasure with us.

Siglo Viejo Siglo Viejo

Siglo Viejo Siglo Viejo

Siglo Viejo Siglo Viejo

Siglo Viejo Siglo Viejo

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9 thoughts on “Siglo Viejo

  1. I LOVE the way you have done this posting! Full of atmosphere and interesting details.
    Greetings from Gunn @ in Norway.

  2. Oh Pinar! You put me to shame! I didn´t even know Siglo Viejo existed! where is it???
    You absolutely need to get these pieces into some kind of newspaper or magazine!

    1. Don’t worry, Christina. It’s a private place, that’s why its not known by many people. However, I think Quetzalteco or Diario published articles about it in the past. I’m not really sure.

  3. @Cristina, Publishing these pieces in XelaDailyPhoto is actually much better than have them published in some kind of newspaper or magazine since XelaDailyPhoto is accessible from anywhere in the world, the articles stay in the archives permanently, the information is tagged, classified and optimized to be scanned by search engines, which in turn make the articles available to people looking for them. Furthermore, traditional media like newspapers and magazines have a limited number of printed copies, while XelaDailyPhoto does not have a limit and each day has even more readers. Once you considered the benefits of XelaDailyPhoto over the traditional media, you’ll realized that having these articles here is actually the best thing. 😉 Just look at the readers this morning.

    XelaDailyPhoto visitors for Tuesday morning, January 11, 2011

    1. @Rudy, but not everyone in xela uses internet or has internet access. THere are people who will more likely to read a daily paper then a web page. BUt then you are right, a website has its own advantages. Everybody’s got a point here, i guess.

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