Our Farewell to 2010

Our farewell to 2010

I wanted to post a happier picture on the last day of the year, but this is what I came across on the corner of 13th avenue and 4th calle, when I left work last night. A drunk guy sleeping on one side of the road and some chuchos digging the trash in search of food.

It was one those magical moments. Because when I first saw them, the guy was sleeping almost in the middle of the street. And one worried by-passer decided to move him to the sidewalk. It was like he was preparing a moment for me to photograph.

Goodbye to 2010, welcome to 2011… Let’s see what craziness you are gonna bring us.

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8 thoughts on “Our Farewell to 2010

  1. I’m glad you went ahead and posted this one. It was a thought-provoking photo, just perfect for the last day of the year. We shall hope that for the coming year there will be less drunks in the streets and fewer hungry dogs.

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