Yesterday was the funeral of the Second Bishop of the Archdiocese, Monseñor Luis Manresa Formosa of 95 years-old. One of our contributors, Enrique Hernandez Avila and I went to the cathedral to cover this event. As always, I was impressed and fascinated with the beauty of the ceremony. First time in my life, I actually saw a complete christian funeral. It’s quite different from muslim funerals. Very different… So here is some coverage of it.

Funeral Funeral

Funeral Funeral

The funeral was very crowded. Hundreds of people filled the cathedral.

Funeral Funeral

Nephew of the Bishop, who came from Spain, Gerardo Manresa was present at the funeral. The church presented him a framed photo of his uncle. He was also the center of attention for the local media. For more information, you can check Nuestro Diario, Prensa Libre and Quetzalteco. They had their reporters, covering this significant funeral.

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4 Responses to “Funeral”

  1. Gunn says:

    I have never seen photos from a funeral like this before….. wow!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Cristina says:

    Monseñor Manresa Formosa was very well loved in the area. During Sunday mass, the priest talked about how he set up a large part of the administrative structure of the Archdiocese, with several pastorales that worked with specific groups. He also bought several properties, for example: Villa Lesbia, which was a seminary (but is now Tertulianos!); the property that now has the Centro de Capacitación Católica; Santa María del Camino where there is a convent. He also set up Radio Fraternidad and another Cahtolic radio station in Colomba Costa Cuca. He knew each of the priests in the Archdiocese and was well aware of their needs.
    These are incredible pictures! El Quetzalteco should get in touch with you!

  3. leif hagen says:

    You took some wonderful photos of that special funeral ceremony! I wonder how it’s different from a Muslim funeral? I’ve never seen a Muslim funeral.

    • pinar says:

      1.Muslims never look happy at a funeral. Usually everybody cries or look really upset.

      2. For us it is not appropriate to dress up for a funeral. Trying to look good at funeral would be considered as a disrespectful act.

      3. We pray at the courtyard of a mosque or at the cemetery and it is a very short prayer.

      There are many more, but these are like three main differences.

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