Mr. Creep at the park

Mr. Creep at the park

I have lived in cold places. I have lived in places where kids make snowmen almost on a daily basis. Some were cute some were a bit ugly, but none were this creepy like we have at the central park. And I think in a city like Xela, where it doesn’t snow at all ( and obviously we are not located at the peak of Volcán Tajumulco, where it snowed once) , this guy looks so out of place.

Mr. Creep at the park Mr. Creep at the park
Mr. Creep at the park Mr. Creep at the park

I also wanted to bring some attention on the little details of our Christmas decoration at the park. I am sure you all have seen them. But I am also pretty sure that most of you didn’t take a moment to see them closer. They all have a different texture, which feels quite different when they are lit. It’s nice to see the waltz of light and different materials.

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2 Responses to “Mr. Creep at the park”

  1. Cristina says:

    uggghhh! That´s exactly what I thought when I saw the snowman, and I just saw the back of it´s head!
    Pinar, why don´t you post a picture of the Nativity scene that´s in front of the Teatro Municipal?

    • pinar says:

      Honestly, whenever I passed by that, I never had my gear on me. But today I am leaving home with my camera and heading that way.

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