Street food culture

Street food culture

We have a street food culture in Turkey, too. But I wasn’t fond of it. Since I came to Guatemala, I have been eating street food more than ever before. I still have question about the hygiene, but some of them are so good that I can’t resist.

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4 thoughts on “Street food culture

  1. Come on, Pinar, get right in there and take some pictures of the pupusas, garnachas and elotes locos for sale at Central Park at night. Oh, and buñuelos, too, just to spite Rudy at LAGDP.

  2. Gosh, I hope they’re not selling pupusas in Xela too. These things, though good, are taking over. Give me a doblada or a tortilla con chicharron anytime.

  3. For me, the amazing and irresistible aspect of Guatemalan street food is all the veggies and sauces that are piled on top of each dish.

    My husband is continually disappointed with American street food for this very reason. Hot dog with ketchup…That’s it? Gyro with sauce…no veggies?

    The Guatemalan enchilada is a perfect example of the “irrational exuberance” of the chapin cuisine. Really, it is just ridiculous to sell it as street food. (But it’s my favorite!)

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