I met 40 years-old Carlos around Terminal Minerva area. He was burning trash to get warm at night. He said he’s been working since he was 14 and he’s been in the streets for 10 years. When I asked him if he had a family, he said “I don’t have anyone. I don’t know or remember anyone”.

Carlos Carlos

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8 thoughts on “Carlos

  1. Ah Pinar, a very strong story… There so much poverty in our Country, it is overwhelming. Also, so many children that are just on the streets…

    It is a Country full of ironies, for example, it is one of the countries with most helicopters/airplanes per capita and one with most extreme poverty. There is a Literature Nobel Prize winner, and we are amongst the most illiterate of countries. There is a Peace Nobel Prize winner, and we are considered so violent… I could go on, but thank you for sharing this strory.

  2. There are several shelters that operate in Xela, but I think that homeless people don┬┤t use them as much as they should. I can┬┤t believe anyone would prefer spending a night outdoors in this weather! Yes Rudy, we┬┤ve had frost every morning these past 5 days!

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