Orange Night

Orange night

Before writing anything else, I have to tell that I have no political attachment with the party in question.

Last night, Partido Patriota organized La Noche de Paz – Peace Night. Communications Director of Partido Patriota, Flor Escobar said that this is their third year of organizing this event. The purpose is to say “Welcome” to the end of the year parties, she commented.

Songs of Claudia Rebecca Samaya, that started the night, was followed by younger tune of Five Gas Band. And before the awaited concert of Marimba La Voz de Los Altos, we listened to the Youth Philharmonic Orchestra. I felt sorry for the Youth Orchestra, because in the first place sound system had a lot of issues during their session and I don’t think they received the interest of audience that they deserved.

Orange night Orange night

While Five Gas Band was playing, some of the kids were amazed hearing the type of music, that was played. Except for pop song covers, their music had a heavy touch of jazz.

Orange night Orange night

I went there, not knowing that it was organized by a political party. The whole purpose of me being there was to photograph La Voz de Los Altos. It was kind of a surprise, a visually rich one. Apart from all the political connotations, I have to tell that they have one of the (visually) best political campaigns with catchy color choice.
Lupercian Lopez Orozco, 70, looked beautiful among the shades of orange.

Orange night Orange night

Skarlett, 8, was at the concert with her mother, Azuceva. While another chico was playing with her face with strawl, she was trying to tell me that she liked the concert. After a while she came back with a phone number, written on her arm with a red lipstick. So eventually we exchanged phone numbers and she asked me where I am from. We did a little chit-chat before I continued to take photos.

Despite the freezing weather, I totally enjoyed the night.

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4 thoughts on “Orange Night

  1. I only made it to 8:30 PM because my legs were sore from standing for 2 hours (what a wimp I am!), not to mention I could no longer feel my hands.
    It really upset me that people weren’t clapping! ­čÖü It was cold, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t take their hands out of their pockets for 30 seconds to clap! I really liked Five Gas Band and of course the Orchestra, but definitely, the sound system was terrible!
    Next year, I’ll take my portable chair!

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