Terminal Minerva

Terminal Minerva

My friend, Driscoll and I had a little photo-adventure (as he calls it) last night. We went to Terminal Minerva area, shot some photos, took a minibus back to La Demo. I showed him some amazing comedores to eat (In fact, he had two dinners last night and seemed very happy with that.) in La Demo. At our first stop, standing in the middle of the road, I photographed this little girl in front of the Gallo tree. She looks really cute in that purple jacket, and with her purse.

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4 thoughts on “Terminal Minerva

  1. Pinar, there´s going to be a concert by the Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional at Central Park today, at 6 PM. The marimba “Voz de los Altos” will be given an award for 75 years of existence. You definitely don´t want to miss it!
    I am upset, though, that instead of getting them a stage, like they did with the orchestra from Mexico, they only got them 2 trailers on which they plan to set a sort of stage! Malinchismo in its purest form! (I´m sooo mad!)

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