Need a Ride?

Shot this photo while I was walking back from the Bake Shop near Democracia today. I think the mini bus drivers and money takers have this certain swagger to them. I guess they realize how important their job is. However, I often wonder if these guys get tired of saying the same thing everyday.

text and photo by Josh Bachman

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6 thoughts on “Need a Ride?

  1. I like this shot. Somehow it captures the urgency and tirelessness of the ayudantes and the chaos of boarding a minibus in midblock.

  2. I have a feeling that the artists at the Cirque de Soleil should have a 1 month training circuit with the ayudantes from microbuses, urban and “extraurban” buses. Have you seen these guys climbing up the back ladder with very heavy baskets, while the bus is moving, usually at breakneck speeds?
    Good reflexes, Pinar!

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